Making money is something that few people understand and even fewer have mastered. Most of the “lucky ones” find themselves on a path to riches and then something like a recession puts them in the poor house, or the nut house – and back to square-one we go! 

Here is a cold, hard fact: Anyone who can experience the situation where years of hard work in building. A success from the ground up that can suddenly experience. A drought just from a shift of the economy is living/working in a house of cards. It doesn’t matter whether this is real estate investing, running a franchise, working 9 to 5 for the man. If it can crash and burn with a weak economy, you’re in serious trouble.

Successful money-making actions that only work under certain circumstances and not in others is a very dangerous game-plan to have. This would be like having a baseball team that could only win games in fair weather. And when it rains…, forget it. Total failure! The same goes for making money.

As this article is being written, the business world suffers from this very issue – especially for the individual. We face an economy where consumers. Afraid of their future survival, grip their dollars as a recession looms. As a result, once-successful. Entrepreneurs are fighting to stay above water and thriving businesses are struggling to stay in business as more employees get pink slips.

The scale tips, like a see-saw, and a few areas, such as Credit Repair companies – which only flourish in a down economy – come in. Like vultures, and “temporarily” enjoy the rotting fruits of others’ failures. In the search of the perfect income source, the entrepreneur has yet to. Recognize the ideal solution, though it rests right under their noses.

The reason for its “stealthness” is likely due to its simplicity and misconceived notion of meagerness. Yet, this very thing possesses the true potential of millions to those who pursue it with zest and vigor – without a doubt. With things changing faster and faster on the planet, picking up pace year after year.

The “know-how” to making money – good money; the kind of money-making that most people only dream about or envy in others, kind of money – becomes less. It is because so called gurus who claimed “riches for all” are suddenly applying for unemployment or standing in food lines. It’s not to say that some of them, many of them didn’t have something worthwhile.

My point is that their technologies do not work all the time! And again, that is a house of cards; it is short-lived. This type of condition is what is known as volatile – ever-changing, unpredictable, dangerous, unstable. And the need to recession-proof has never been more important or necessary than it is in today’s economic climate.

With an economy where things never stay the same, it becomes vital to move towards. Opportunities that can withstand ANY scene, any economy. It must be far-reaching in a nationwide and global sense.

Will it work in a bearish economy? Will it thrive during a bullish economy? Will it perish in a down-trend? Will it still work in some locations during times when it’s not working in other places? These very questions, and more, must stand up to anything that you might consider becoming involved with. That includes the company you would consider being employed by or, believe it or not, they can even be used in choosing a spouse. Do you doubt this?

Though it’s about as romantic as a prenuptial agreement, no one ever said that practicality was disallowed from the equation for pairing up lovers. And perhaps the ‘one out of every two marriages end up in divorce’ statistic should scream for a more practical approach for today’s world of relationship building. If you think I’m being silly, ask yourself this: Would your significant other leave you during the tough financial times (down economy) of your life.

You may be one of the “lucky ones” whose spouse stays to weather the storm. But know that just as many have walked out. So how do we recession-proof our money-making abilities and save our marriages, if we were unfortunate enough to have chosen a fair-weather spouse? How do we flourish when the economy causes everything to crash? The answer is to have something that people want in “any” economy.

People won’t set it aside as a “luxury that we can’t afford right now” kind of thing. But it also has to hold steady its price, where people will still want it and buy it and even “need” it. And if things were to become so bad that people just could not afford it (remember The Great Depression), it would have to still possess appeal and selling power somewhere else in the world where there would be a completely different economy. So what could this possibly be?

One of the most ideal, effective, sustaining, viable lines of income can be established through books. More specifically, it is a book that you are the author of. You don’t even have to be a book writer, because you can hire one to write it for you. The important point is that you have to have a book written well enough that people will buy it, people will need it, people will want it and they will benefit from it in some way.

This is where having a qualified professional book writer is key. Besides WriterServices, LLC (, which is indisputably the largest literary services. Company in the world and has the best array of literary personnel (best-seller book writers, award winning editors and so on). My years of research of the industry came up with scores of individual writers and numerous Buyer Beware warnings of fraud and theft.

But I also found a few legitimate establishments of repute and/or possessing some form of acceptable track record: The Penn Group. Which seems to compare with Writer Services so far as the services they do provide, and The Writers for Hire, Inc. Although I was unable to check into them in detail. Out of all companies that I have every found, only Writer Services proudly. Posts the prestigious Better Business Bureau link, which in my book gives any business. Awarded such rights to post it, substantial points and more kudos than their competition, in any industry.

Even during bad times, people look to books for comfort, for pleasure. And most of all for information that is going to help them survive better. And, of course, books sell in strong economies as well.

A book of this kind is the best source for earning income in any economy. A book should be first on anyone’s list for building multiple income streams. And one should not be satisfied with just one or two. Know that you should have, minimally, three different sources or streams of income generation.

And books is a #1, ideal, stable source of money. Best of all, creating more streams of income can simply be made by having more books created. And with the right set-up, it (or these) can be passive money-making streams. In other words, books can be automatic money makers without lifting a finger.

Anyone can have one or more books as additional sources of income while pursuing other ventures of money making or holding a 9 to 5 job. The point is that YOU MUST HAVE MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME AND YOU MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE BOOK AS ONE OF THOSE MONEY-MAKING STREAMS.

So there you have it, the most stable stream of income you could ever want is from books, whether self-published or traditionally published. And the possibilities to make money by being an author, are truly limitless, as history has proven over the centuries. By themselves, books can sell millions of copies.

They can also be the launching pad for other more expensive products, like study courses, lecture CDs, systems and programs that sell for thousands of dollars. And people will buy them because they came to know you through your book. Truly, the sky is the limit once you have a professionally written book under your belt.